What do you recommend in New York?/
Go Shimada featuring Mark Turner

  1. Castle In The Sky (Go Shimada)
  2. Momoka's Little Garden (Go Shimada)
  3. Yasu (Go Shimada)
  4. From Piano Concerto 2nd Movement (Maurice Ravel)
  5. Jacky's Place (Mark Turner)
  6. Danny Boy (Traditional)
  7. First Resolution (Go Shimada)
  8. Treasure Island (Keith Jarrett)

HERE WE ARE!! 池田 篤 QUARTET with 岡崎好朗 25.APRIL 2010.

Take The A Train - C.U.G. Jazz Orchestra

Whiter Shade of Pale - Halie Loren Live @ Ginza International Jazz Festival 2010